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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Table of Contents

SLA For Colocation

100% Network, Power, and Cooling Guarantee

NewYorkCityServers guarantees 100% uptime for our network and datacenter cooling. In addition we also guarantee 100% power uptime for customers with A + B power feeds. Please contact us to learn more about our A + B power colocation options.

24/7/365 Remote Hands

You can rely on NewYorkCityServers for physical support with your equipment 24/7/365. We are happy to assist with anything from racking your server to advanced configurations.

24/7/365 Technical Support

In addition to physical support our technicians are happy to assist you around the clock with other technical aspects of your service.

SLA For Dedicated Servers

100% Availability Guarantee

NewYorkCityServers guarantees that our network will be available 100% of the time. In addition we also guarantee 100% power availability for all servers with dual power supplies connected to A + B power circuits. To find out if your server is connected to A + B power please feel free to contact us.

60 Minutes Or Less Hardware Replacement

We that while hardware failures do happened, any downtime to your server can cost big bucks. This is why we guarantee that in the event of a hardware failure in your server, we will replace the failed component and get your server back up and running within 60 minutes or less. The timer starts ticking after we've gotten permission from you to take your server offline to begin the replacement.

24/7/365 Support

The internet never shuts down, and neither do we! We will be happy to assist you with any technical support needs no matter what time or day it is.

SLA For Forex VPS

100% Uptime During Trading Hours

NewYorkCityServers understands that any downtime during trading hours is unacceptable and can cause massive losses. This is why we will make sure that any and all server or network maintenance takes place outside of market hours.

24/7/365 Support

You will be able to contact technical support 24/7/365. We will also be here to help you with your VPS, installing your EA, and more no matter what time or day it is!

Conditions & Credit Retrieval

In the event of downtime that effects a customer's system we will assign a 20% credit per system for every hour that it is down. To retrieve this credit you may open a support ticket from inside of your customer portal.

It is important to note that we will not issue credit for downtime that is caused due to the fault of the customer. This includes but is not limited to: downtime caused due to software that the customer has installed on the server, downtime caused due customer's misconfiguration of the server, and downtime caused due to server hardware failure.

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