Service Level Agreement

Our SLA and refund policy information


NYCServers offers an industry leading service level agreement, which clients can utilize to ensure that they are receiving the qualify of service that we promise.

Uptime Guarantee & Credit Allotment​

NYCServers guarantees that it’s services will be available 100%* of the time during market trading hours. In the event that we fail to deliver our guarantee, clients are eligible to claim the following account credit:

Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit
100% Guaranteed
99.9% 10%
99.8% 20%
99.7% 30%
99.6% 40%
99.5% 50%
99.4% 60%
99.3% 70%
99.2% 80%
99.1% 90%
> 99.0% 100%

The exceptions to the uptime guarantee are:

  • Emergency and scheduled maintenance activities
  • Service suspension (overdue invoice, abuse, etc)
  • Third party internet service provider issues (includes with your ISP or our ISPs)
  • Force majeure events
  • VPS compromises, viruses, DDoS, etc
  • Any period of problematic activity prior to being reported to NYCServers

Server & Network Hardware Guarantee

In the event of a hardware failure in either a server or network equipment NYCServers guarantees that the failed component will be replaced within 24 hours or less (including weekends & holidays).

The 24 hour guarantee begins once we have diagnosed the problem and determined the exact failed component. In the event that a RAID storage rebuild is required, the time that the rebuild takes is not included in the 24 hour guarantee. 

If we failed to meet the 24 hour guarantee window for hardware placement a 100% service credit will be issued to your account.

Refund Policy

NYCServers offer a 14 day full refund period starting from the date of which your service was purchased. 

Clients who wish to request a refund within the first 14 days after their order was placed can contact support, and a full refund will be issued.

After the first 14 days of the original order date has passed there will be no refunds provided. 

In the event that a client fails to cancel their service, and automatic payment is processed no refund is available if the date of the payment was made after the first 14 days since the original order date.

Questions & Feedback

For any questions or feedback regarding our service level agreement, please contact us.

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