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  • 3. Free VPS service

How much do I need to trade?

Use the calculator below to see how much volume you need to qualify.

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Don't Meet Volume Requirements Yet? Don't Worry!

If you do not yet meet the required trading volume you may start with a paid subscription, and build your volume up. As soon as you reach volume required by your broker contact us and we will switch your VPS service to FREE!

We offer all Key To Markets clients a recurring discount on all of our VPS plans. To learn more click here.

Trade The Required Volume

Use the calculator above to determine the required monthly trading volume for your VPS plan, and trade up to it.

Apply for Free VPS

Once you have reached the required trading volume use the "apply now" button above to request your free VPS.

Get Approved

After your request has been approved by your broker we will setup a free VPS for you, or convert your paid VPS service to free.

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Asked Questions

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Will my VPS service really be completely free?

Yes! As long as you trade the required trading volume each month your VPS service will be 100% free.

Can I upgrade my free VPS to a more powerful plan?

Yes, you may upgrade your free VPS to a higher plan at anytime. We offer two ways to upgrade:

  • Trade the required volume for the higher plan, and your upgrade will completely free (with broker approval).
  • If you do not yet meet the trading volume for the higher plan you can pay the cost difference between your current free plan and the plan you wish to upgrade to.

What happens if I don't trade the required trading volume for one month?

If you do not trade the required volume then your VPS is subject to cancellation (cancellation decision is made by your broker). However if your VPS is cancelled by your broker you can pay for the service yourself, and keep your VPS turned on.

Will you alert me if my free VPS is cancelled?

Yes, if your broker cancels your free VPS we will send you an email notification. We will give you a 24 hour grace period to either pay for the VPS service to keep it turned on, or allow you to cancel it.

Getting Started Is Easy

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