Forex VPS Monitoring, Alerts, And Auto Start

NYCServers has developed our own in-house monitoring, alert, and auto start software – which comes included (for free) with all VPS and dedicated server services. In this guide we will provide an overview of our software and how traders can use it.

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The software allows traders to monitor and alert for critical events and resource usage of their VPS. The available monitors include:

  • Program crash / closes
  • Program becomes unresponsive
  • VPS / server reboot
  • High RAM usage
  • High CPU usage
  • High disk space uage
  • New RDP login


Inside of the alerts tab, traders will be able to configure the email address for which they wish to receive alerts on.

Alerts allow traders to easily know what’s going on with their service even when they are away from the computer.

Auto Login & Auto Startup

Finally, the software also allows traders the ability to configure auto login & auto startup. These features can be used so that anytime your VPS / server is restarted the system will automatically log itself into Windows and start your trading platforms – even if the trader is away from the computer. This makes it so that there is no prolonged downtime for your trading software in the event of a system restart.

On the auto login page simply enter your Windows password. This is the same password that is used to log into your VPS.

On the auto startup page traders can select which trading platforms they wish to automatically start. This feature is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and any .exe program.

Additionally, any software that is added on this page will automatically be monitored by the software in the event that the software freezes, crashes, etc. it will automatically be started again.


NYCServers deeply understands the critical needs for traders to always have their trading platforms running, which is why we have developed this software for our clients. This software is only available to NYCServers clients. If you have any questions about this software, or would like to request new features please contact us.

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