Case Studies: Yareah Magazine

About Yareah Magazine:
Founded in 2008, Yareah is an international magazine that posts articles about arts, books, culture, and entertainment. Yareah has published galleries and museums from all over the world, including: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, and more. More than 400 art galleries and 250 authors have been published on Yareah Magazine. Yareah is proud to have over 350,000 links and a million visitors.

The Problem:
Being unhappy with their previous server’s performance, Yareah began searching for other web hosting providers in New York City.

The Solution:
NYCServers provided a bare metal server solution for Yareah magazine backed by our 24x7x365 emergency support, 60 minutes or less hardware replacement guarantee, and 100% uptime guarantee on power, cooling, and network.

Since moving to NYCServers, Yareah has reported better server performance. Not only will the bare metal server solution provide Yareah with a higher uptime, it will also allow for more concurrent connections to their website.