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Below are latency tests taken from our network to popular brokers. If you do not see your broker listed we would be more than happy to run a latency test for you. You may contact us by emailing

AAAFx - 6ms

Advanced Markets FX - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

Alpari-US - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

Argus FX - 7ms

ATC - 1ms

AuraFX - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

AxiTrader - 1ms

Benchmark Group - 1ms

BNFX - 1ms

Collective2 - 2ms

Core Liquidity - 5ms

Cresco Capital Markets - 1ms

Currenex - 2ms

DCFX - 1ms

EES FX - 1ms

FirewoodFX - 1ms - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

Forex FS - 1ms

Forex Metal - 2ms

FXCH - 6ms

FX Clearing - 7ms

FXCM - 1ms

FXCM UK - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

FXDD - 1ms

FXOptimax - 1ms


FXPremax - 2ms

GFT - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

Global Clearing Group - 6ms

Go Markets - 1ms

Halifax Investment - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

IC Markets - 2ms

IKON Group - 2ms

Institutional Liquidity - 1ms

Interactive Brokers - 1ms

InvestorEurope Live - 10ms

JFD Brokers - 1ms

JustForex - 1ms

Latitude FX - 1ms

Nord Markets - 7ms

Oanda - 1ms

OneTrade - 1ms

Pepperstone* - 1ms (NewYorkCityServers has offically partnered with Pepperstone -

ProfiForex - 1ms

RedMoutain FX - 2ms

RVD Markets - 7ms

SFX Markets - 1ms

Solidary Markets FX - 1ms

StrategyBuilderFX - 6ms

Streamline Forex - 1ms

SynergyFX - 1ms

Tarsier FX - 2ms

TradeStation - .5ms (Under 1ms!)

Valbury Capital - 1ms

Xenfin Capital - .5ms (Udner 1ms!)

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