Connecting To Your VPS - Mac

Mac users can connect to their VPS by following the steps below:

1) First you will need to download an application from the App Store called "Microsoft Remote Desktop". You can find the application by using the search future inside of the App Store app, or by clicking here.

2) Inside of the Remote Desktop application click the button that says "New" with a plus side. This button is located towards the top left side of the window.

3) On the next window enter a nickname for your connection (you may use any name. Example: ForexVPS1), enter your VPS IP address, username (Administrator), and your VPS password. Once you have entered these details you can close the window and return to the main screen.

4) On the main screen you will now see that nick name you entered for the connection. Double click on the connection nickname, and you will then be connected to your VPS.

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