Connecting To Your VPS - Android Phone / Tablet

Android phone or tablet users can connect to their VPS by following the guide below:

1) First you will need to download the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" application from the Google Play Store. A direct link to the application can be found by clicking here.

2) Inside of the remote desktop application click the "+" button located on the top right of the screen, and select "desktop".

3) In the field called "PC Name" enter your VPS IP address (this can be found in your welcome email). Click on the field called "User Account" and select Administrator. After both of these steps have been completed click save at the top right of the screen.

4) Go back to the home screen of the application, and you will now see the connection that we just created. Double click on it to begin your connection to the VPS. When prompted accept any security certificates, and enter your VPS password. You should now be connected to the VPS.

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