VPS Backup Policy

VPS data backups are not taken by NYCServers, unless the data backup addon service is purchased by the client.

By default it is the client's sole responsibility to backup their data. NYCServers can not be held liable for any data that is lost, damaged, etc.

NYCServers offers a premium service for daily data backup for $25 per month. If this addon is purchased, NYCServers will take daily data backups of your entire VPS. In addition we will store 7 days worth of backups. This means that you can restore to anytime in the past 7 days. Further details below:

Addon Service Name: Daily VPS Backup
Price: $25 Per Month
Backup Type: All VPS data
Restore Type: Restore specific files only, or entire VPS
Backup Retention: 7 Days
Encrypted Backup: Yes
Backup Locations: Backups are stored in two different locations

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