Optimize MT4 For Multi-Core VPS Plans

MT4 is a 32bit application, and therefore does not always run efficiently on multi-core VPS plans. Some clients might experience lag, non responsiveness, or poor performance when running multiple MT4 platforms on a multi-core VPS. To solve this issue we will be adjusting the CPU affinity for all terminal.exe's to the same virtual CPU core.

1. Open all MT4s that you will be using on the VPS.

2. Once you have opened all MT4s, you will need to open the task manager program. You can simply right click on the bottom blue Windows bar, and then left click on the "Task Manager" option. 


3. Click the "Details" tab, and then locate your terminal.exe files in the list.


4. Right click on the first terminal.exe file and select "Set affinity"


5. Next, uncheck all CPUs, except for CPU0. When you are completed only CPU0 should have a check mark next to it. When this is done click the ok button. 


6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each terminal.exe you have running. 

Once you have set the affinity for each terminal.exe to CPU0 you are completed. You will only have to make these changes once. 

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