Automatic Payment Procedure

Unless otherwise noted all services are automatically renewed until the customer requests a formal cancellation of their service. 

Our billing system will automatically send an email alert 14 days before the next invoice due date informing the customer that a new invoice has been created. 7 days after the invoice has been created our billing system will send another email alert to the client reminding them of the invoice. 

On the invoice due date our billing system will automatically attempt to charge the client's credit card or PayPal account in order to renew their service. 

If the payment is successful the client's service will be renewed for another billing period.

If the payment is not successful an email alert is sent to the client informing them that the automatic payment has failed, and they need to take manual action. A 3 day grace window is provided so that the client can take action on the overdue invoice while their service is still online. If the invoice is still overdue after 3 days, then the service is suspended and a late fee is added on the 4th day. The client must complete the invoice payment in order to have their service re-activated. 

If a client is having problems completing the payment we ask that you contact us ASAP so that we can make sure your service stays online while the payment issues are sorted out.

Automatic payments are enabled for all clients. There is no option to enable/disable it.

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