Affiliate Program Overview

NYCServers offers an affiliate program that rewards individuals or businesses for referring their friends, clients, or website visitors to us. For each person that you refer to our services we will reward you with a 20% recurring commision payout. This means that for each month the client has an active service with us we will pay you 20% of their payment to us. For example if you refer just 10 friends to use our cheapest price VPS service, the Basic VPS 1 plan you will receive $70 each month ($7 in commison for each basic VPS1 plan)!

Affiliate Program Notes:

  • 20% recurring commission for all active orders
  • $50 minimum commissions required before withdrawal
  • Withdrawals are sent via PayPal or account credit
  • 10 day commission delay for new orders - to protect against fraudulent orders
  • Referrals can not be combined with promotional codes - commission is not counted if a promotional code is used with the order
  • Anyone can join - no active services required
  • Control panel to view your referral information and statistics
  • NYCServers handles all billing and support for your referrals

Monthly Commission Payments Per VPS (as of 01/30/2019)

Forex Basic VPS 1 - $7
Forex Basic VPS 2 - $8
Forex Basic VPS 3 - $9

Forex Standard VPS 1 - $12
Forex Standard VPS 2 - $13
Forex Standard VPS 3 - $15

Forex Professional VPS 1 - $20
Forex Professional VPS 2 - $22
Forex Professional VPS 3 - $24

Dedicated Servers - $25+ (the exact price depends on the dedicated server configuration they order)

Ready to sign up for our affiliate program? Follow the guide by clicking here.

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